Story Index

All of the stories in the blog roll are listed here in alphabetical order.  You can find the newest stories here.

Short Stories

A Wife’s Secret: Laura Jenkins likes to read naughty stories.  One day her husband finds out and her fantasies become reality.  A BDSM/maledom story.

An Unwilling Birthday Present: Derrik Taylor forgets his wife’s birthday, and gets more than he bargained for in return. A pegging/femdom story.

Paying the Piper: Sean Addams is a cheating womanizer who played his wife for a fool one too many times.  It’s time for her revenge. A pegging/BDSM/femdom/revenge story.

Novel Excerpts

Kept in the Dark: Sharlene is dissatisfied in her marriage and turns to self bondage.  One day she is caught bound, blindfolded and helpless and is tormented at the hands of her unknown guest.  Who is this mysterious stranger? A BDSM/maledom story.