Paying the Piper

He awoke on his stomach with a pounding headache, remembering little of the night before beyond the first three shots.  The nausea, head splitting pain, and aching thirst didn’t take Sherlock to figure out that he hadn’t stopped after three.

All of this registered before he moved, and when he went to rub his face he realized the hangover was the least of his problems.

“What the…?” he queried to no one in particular as he tried to make sense of his situation.  He was completely naked.  His arms were splayed above his head, trussed to each corner of the bed he shared with his wife Jenni.  He tested his bonds and found there was little give.  Scrambling to get up on his knees, he found, to his chagrin, that his legs were also tied, though not quite as tightly.

His mind raced wildly, trying in vain to remember how he got here, and how he could keep it from Jenni.  He was already teetering precariously on the edge of her good graces, though lord knows she had given him more than enough chances.  If she found him like this there’d be hell to pay.

He pulled hard at his left wrist, but there was no way he could break free even with the brute strength of his hard, tanned body.  He looked frantically for a key and was elated to find one on the bedside table.  He stretched in vain, reaching for it with the determination of a monkey in a banana tree, but it was far out of his grasp. 

He heard the chuckle before he saw her, and when he whipped his head around Jenni was sitting in the corner, looking entirely amused.  His initial reaction was panic at being discovered, but her calm demeanor, to say nothing of the fact that she seemed to find humor in his predicament, made him unsure what his reaction should be.

“Good morning, Shaun. How are you feeling after yet another binge last night?”

“I’m sorry, Jenni.” He knew he needed to do damage control, but her lack of hurt and anger was disarming.  Usually she would be raging, which was preferable to the more ominous act of crying he’s been privy to in the past. “I know I’ve used it as an excuse before, but really, I honestly don’t remember anything and have no idea how I got here or who I was with.”

“Of course you don’t, I roofied you.” She swung her crossed leg up and down and waited for his reaction. It took a minute for her words to register in his foggy brain


“I. Roofied. You. You know, the drug?  And then I tied you up.”

He figured he must be missing something.  Nothing was computing. “Why? I would have had sex with you, you know that.”

“Oh, I know that.  And every other woman with breasts, legs, charm, money, or even just a beating heart, for that matter.”

It was true that he had not only a wandering eye, but a wayward dick as well.  Shaun was fit, tanned, charming, brown eyed and all around sexy as hell.  He always neglected to tell people that he was married.  He often blamed his infidelities on his drinking, something he did with discipline and frequency.

“I know, Baby, I’m sorry.”  Time to beg forgiveness.  It would take time, but she always came around.  Then again, this is the first time she tied him up and laughed about it, two points that were leaving him decidedly uneasy. “It’s when I drink too much.  I’m going to stop this time for real, I promise.  No more drinking.  Period.”

She raised a skeptical eyebrow at him.  “You know, I’ve heard this before.  And stupid me, I’ve fallen for it one too many times.  But you know what?  It’s not just the drinking and the womanizing.  It’s the over-spending, the lying, the lack of regard for my needs, and generally just you being a horrible husband.  We’ve only been married for two years and I can no longer count on both hands how many times you’ve cheated on me.  I can, however, count on both hands how many times you’ve done an honest day’s work, and the amount of money you spend has far, far exceeded your contributions.  Which makes me wonder, why the hell have I stayed with you all this time?”

She stood up and came over to him, running a long nail from his butt cheek down to the back of his thigh.  She was stunningly beautiful; curvy, strong and gorgeous – the kind of wife any smart man would love to come home to.  She was the kind of woman that men cheated with, not cheated on.  She was largely unaware of this, which only added to her allure.

He was a fool.  A misogynistic and hedonistic douche bag whose only asset was his looks and only skill was his charm.  

She was wearing black thigh high stockings and six inch heels – creating an imposing addition to her already striking appearance.  Her supple breasts were hugged tightly by red satin and black lace, with matching panties that accentuated her runner’s bottom.

She looked fabulous, and in his groggy state it took his dick a bit longer than his eyes to register the sight before him.  That was when he registered another problem: his cock tried in vain to stand at attention, but it was stopped painfully from doing so.

He looked down in alarm and disbelief.  His penis was sheathed in some sort of metal cage, the hard unyielding walls preventing him from standing at full attention.

His first reaction was to remove the offending device, and he scrambled in vein to reach it.  

Jenni laughed deviously.  “Even if your hands were free, that cage isn’t going anywhere,” she informed him matter-of-factly.  “I’ve got the only key and I can promise you it’s not coming off for a very, very long time.”

The gravity in her voice left no doubt in his mind that she was serious.  She walked over to the dresser, out of his line of sight but not out of his hearing.

“I’ve been thinking that you’ve made a fool of me one too many times.  ‘Poor Jenni,’ they say, ‘her husband is such a cheating bastard.’ Well I won’t let them pity me any more, but they’re certainly going to pity you before long.”

She turned towards him, the addition to her outfit glaringly apparent.  His eyes widened and he did something he vowed he would never stoop so low as to do: he pleaded.

“Please, Jenni, you don’t have to do this.  I’ll do whatever you want me to, just don’t use that…thing on me.”

“It’s too late for bargaining now,” she grinned as she stroked the seven inch black dildo now strapped to the front of her crotch. “You wouldn’t change so I decided to change you.”

She walked towards him and he realized she had another cock in her hand – this one much shorter but no less alarming.  She straddled him and he felt the silicone cock she was wearing push into his back.  She reached around to his chest and pinched his nipple hard.  He cried out in pain, and before he could register what was going on she had the second penis wedged firmly in his mouth, prying his jaw open while his teeth scraped the hard unyielding surface of the phallic gag.  His cries were muffled and he threw his head around in anger as he tried to dislodge her from his back and the horrid invader from his mouth.

She held on, anticipating his reaction.  She pulled the gag as tight as she could, and he whimpered as the straps cut into the sides of his mouth while she fastened it behind his head.  She deftly worked at the other straps – one under his chin and one coming to a vee above his nose, which then wrapped around the back of his head, presumably to ensure he couldn’t spit it out but ostensibly for the visual humiliation of having his view partially obstructed by the gag’s thick leather straps.  He felt the penis hitting the back of his throat, and he had to concentrate on breathing so it wouldn’t choke him.  His breaths came panicked and fast, and he worked to slow them down lest he have a panic attack.

She got off of him and snapped a few photos. “Just a little insurance policy,” she intoned.  “Or perhaps a good shot for when I sell your services to pay off your debt.”

He didn’t like the sound of that, and he squirmed and tried to talk, but all that came out of his mouth was muffled sounds and the drool that had been pooling nicely and couldn’t be swallowed thanks to the realistic penis debasing his mouth against his will.

“Oh honey,” she laughed wickedly, “you’re right to fight it.  And the best part is you have no idea what you’re truly in for.  You see, I’ve been doing some calculating.  Over the past two years you’ve slept with 13 women that I know of.  I’m sure it’s higher, so I’ll round it up to an even 20.  That’s 20 men that you’re going to have to watch me fuck while you’re tied and helpless with your dick locked up like a sad little eunuch.  But don’t count on it taking two short years – I’m not a slut like you are.

“Then there’s the debt settlement matter.  It took me a while, but I painstakingly went through the statements of our joint accounts – you know, the ones you insisted we share since what’s yours is mine and mine is yours?  Well as it turns out, you’ve blown through $14,892 that I know of.  That’s on fast food, booze, restaurants, and all the other costs associated with your party lifestyle.  So, before you are released, you will be paying that back to me.  You might wonder how, and the answer to that is with your fine body.”  

She started stroking his skin, hitting his erroneous spots and causing a painful erection that couldn’t be realized.  He was ashamed to be turned on while in this state – a penis wedged tightly in his mouth making it hard to breath and swallow, bound and splayed and helpless and locked up like a caged tiger, with her standing over him, stroking a large penis that was ready to debase him further.  He was scared to hear her elaborate.

“About the only thing going for you is your rock hard body and generous sized dick, and after poking around on some unsavory sites, it turns out there are many willing to pay top dollar for a slave to rule over.”  She slapped him hard and unexpectedly on the ass, causing him to jump and yelp.

“And we’re not just talking bachelorette parties and horny old cougars, it turns out that a favorite pastime of a lot of high powered businessmen is to take out their pent up steam on a hot young Ken doll who will cater to their every depravity.”

He wasn’t sure if he should believe her, but nothing so far had indicated that she was kidding; she had become a different woman, a force to be reckoned with.  He had pushed her too far one too many times and now he was paying the piper.  

As his fate settled around him like ash after a bomb, he let out a single sob of rage and disbelief and defeat.  He didn’t want her to see him cry – he knew she had no pity left for him. 

He was right – she merely laughed at his desolation, taking pleasure in his predicament.

“Don’t worry, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll take it like the little slut you are, no matter what hole they put it in.” She grabbed her penis and started stroking it as she lubed it up.  “I’m going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours until you beg me to stop, then I’m going to fuck it some more.  I will train you to become a good little whore, who takes it whenever and wherever he’s offered it. Now, on your knees with your ass in the air.”

He didn’t move.  He wasn’t going to be used that easily.  She shook her head and made a tsking sound, then got off the bed.

He breathed a sigh of relief, until she came back with a much longer, much thicker dildo.  She held it in front of his face before rubbing it on his cheek and trailing it down his back, stopping at his asshole and putting pressure on his tight virgin rosebud.

“If you don’t do as I say, I’ll take your backdoor virginity with this twelve inch monster.  I can guarantee it won’t be a pleasant experience.  I was planning on saving it for further into your training, but if you prefer, I’d happily start with it. I just can’t guarantee your asshole will ever be the same without working up to it instead.”

He was filled with dread at the mere thought, and shook his head emphatically, drool dripping down chin.  

“That’s a good boy,” she purred seductively as he hesitantly got up on his knees, face buried in the bed partly out of humiliation and partly because his arms were tethered tightly, feeling remorse at pushing Jenni too far – not for her sake, of course, but selfishly for the predicament he found himself in.  As she positioned herself behind him, he clenched his cheeks reflexively, gritted his teeth and resolved to spend every minute of every day fighting to get away.

To be continued.