An Unwilling Birthday Present

I knew forgetting Saira’s birthday was going to cost me.  She didn’t cry, she didn’t get mad.  She got an odd glint in her eye and dismissed me with two simple words: “That’s OK.”  Only I knew it wasn’t.

When she showed up at work I was on high alert.  She hated coming.  In her words she had to play the bimbo housewife while laughing at my partners’ jokes and pretending to be a good, kept wife while being so well groomed that the Stepford Wives looked like trailer trash in comparison.  Sadly, it was a bit true.  She worked part time for her sanity, but if my fellow lawyers knew that, they would shun the very idea.  Admittedly, most of them were sexist pigs, so her willingly coming to the office did not bode well at all.

I saw her through my glass wall, flirting customarily with my co-workers, as was expected of her.  In truth, I hated this aspect of my job, using my wife as bait.  But the prestige of making partner a year and a half ago helps to assuage my guilty conscious.  Also helped was the fact that my wife was stunningly beautiful to begin with, and didn’t feel the pressure of plastic surgery, like some of the others.  I cut my phone call short and met her in the hallway.

“Taylor, you old sap!  You didn’t tell us you were so pussywhipped!” Jeremiah Jenkins was a senior partner and senior ass, but I knew better than to get on his bad side, even if he is the most sexist bastard this side of the sun.

“Excuse me?”

“Your wife here tells us that you are planning quite the birthday evening for her.  My wife is lucky if she gets flowers sent by my secretary!” We chuckled politely while he guffawed.  I wanted to point out that reasons like that might explain why he was on wife number four, but the more pressing matter was this supposed birthday bash, something I knew nothing about.

I tuned in to hear him say something lewd to my wife and smack her ass, at which point she turned away with a cold smile and stated the reason for her visit, “Well, I can’t stay long, I have a massage to catch, but Derrik here forgot his medication this morning and I didn’t want him going without.  She lifted up a brown paper bag that I failed to notice she was carrying.


“Medication?  What for?” boomed Jenkins, “If he’s having trouble getting it up, I’m more than happy to step up to meet your needs.”  Another obnoxious snort.

I could see my wife using all her willpower not to tell him where to go – something for which I was grateful for – as the lie rolled off her tongue: “Oh, no, believe me, nothing like that.  He just has to take a few rounds of precautionary antibiotics before his hunting trip in Zimbabwe next month.

The trip was true, but I was already up to date on my necessary shots and didn’t need any precautionary antibiotics.  So what the hell was in the bag?

“Why don’t you take care of that now, Hun?  You wouldn’t want to miss your routine dosage and have to start all over again.”

I took the bag, unsure what the hell was going on but playing along.  I resisted the temptation to look in the bag.

“Well, you’ll have to excuse both of us, Jeremiah.  I can’t keep Juan waiting and Derrik needs to use the washroom.”  She leaned over to Jenkins conspiratorially. “The shot goes in his ass cheek.  Not fun.”

Jenkins winked and said, “Don’t have too much fun.”  Another hearty laugh reiterated how funny he thought he was as he walked away.

As Saira leaned over to kiss me goodbye she pushed the bag in my hand as she whispered, “Go to the bathroom and deal with that now, unless you want to be in even more trouble later on.”

With that she was gone and I was left with a mysterious paper bag and a dumb look on my face.

I made my way to the bathroom, and once I was inside, I opened the package.  My heart lurched as I caught a glimpse of what was inside.  Embarrassed, I quickly shoved it back in as looked around to make sure no one was in there with me.

I peeked again, as if by doing it a second time the object might have become something less foreboding.  It didn’t.  I noticed a folded paper in the bag, and after pulling it out, I realized it was a note from Saira:

Derrik, since you forgot about my birthday, I thought I’d save you the trouble and I buy us both a gift.  Well, one for me and one for both of us.  I bought you this butt plug both for my entertainment value, as well as to get your ass primed and ready for my new toy, which is my gift to myself.  I will be using it on you tonight.  You are to insert this plug now, and wear it for the remainder of the day.  Should I find out that you have not complied, your life will be infinitely worse as a result.  There is some lube in there to help you out.  Happy stuffing.

What the hell?  Was she serious?  The most backdoor play we had ever dabbled in was a little finger in her anus while going down on her, and now she wanted me to shove a plug in my ass?  At work?  And wear it all day?

Just as I was contemplating what the hell to do, my phone chimed, startling me. It was Saira: You had better be in the bathroom.

I responded: I am.  What the hell is this all about?  You can’t be serious??

Saira: I’m as serious as a stroke.

I chuckled, and before I could think of how to respond, another text from her: Now get it in your ass, and once you do, send a picture so I know you’ve done it.

Shit, she really was serious.  I locked myself in a stall and pulled the package out of the bag, inspected my soon-to-be invader.  It was black, made of soft silicone with a rectangular base, presumably to rest between my ass cheeks once it was wedged in.  But the real problem was the size of it.  It was large and bulbous, and had a foreboding second bulb off centre from the first.  The package boasted great prostate stimulation.  But all I could think of was how the hell was I supposed to get that thing into my ass?

I grabbed my phone.  How the hell am I supposed to get that thing in my ass?

I watched the screen, waiting, hoping she would see how foolhardy her plan was.  Then, another text:  You’re smart.  You’ll find a way.  Better do it soon, Jenkins mentioned a partners meeting at 11:00.

I looked at my watch.  Shit!  That didn’t leave me much time.

I turned it over a few times in my hand, nervous to even get started.  But being short on time and taking her threat seriously resigned me to my fate.  If this is what she was doing now, what the hell would she do to me if I refused?  And if I was honest with myself, a small part of me was turned on by the prospect of being a bit used and abused and forced into this situation.

I generously applied lube to the object of my humiliation, then applied a bit more for good measure.  I undid my pants, becoming painfully aware not only of what I was being forced to subject myself to in the public bathrooms at work, but that the clock was running out.  That meant I didn’t have the luxury of going slow.

I prayed that no one would come in as pressed the toy to my tight and unwilling asshole, then I took a deep breath and pushed.

Pain accompanied by a sharp intake of breath told me my puckered virgin hole was not liking the idea of an intruder.  I breathed deeply a few times, and once I felt relaxed, I pushed a little more.  I tensed, waiting for more pain, but a stretching sensation and some minor discomfort was all I felt.

My ass was feeling stretched and violated, and I was sure it must be all the way in, but when I felt to around, I was dismayed to realize I wasn’t even close – the small offset bulb was in, but I still had the big one to go.

Panic set in as I tried to reason with myself that I could do this, despite my ass telling me otherwise.  A growing sense of panic at the time, combined with not wanting to talk myself out of what I was doing caused me to push hard and fast.

An audible groan escaped my lips as my asshole burned with the feeling of being stretched and violated beyond what it should have been in such a short time.

I took a few deep breaths to compose myself, pulled up my pants, and left the stall, giving a quick peek out first to make sure I was still alone.  Thank goodness I was.  I stuffed the bag as far as I could into the garbage, washed my hands well and filled the garbage can full of paper towel to hide the object of my shame.  Shit.  I should have pulled the note out first to be sure no one could trace it back to me.

I left the washroom feeling like a dirty boy with a dirty secret.  I tried my hardest not to change my walk so as to give away my vulnerable position, but every step I took was a silent screaming reminder of how full my ass was.  I prayed like hell that it would stay in as I made my way down the hall, though judging by the small tapered base and the bulbous head, I figured I was pretty safe in that department.

I walked into the boardroom, feeling agitated and out of sorts.  All I could think about was the discomfort in my ass.  I wondered with trepidation what the hell my wife had planned for me.

“Look who finally decided to show!”  Jenkins was the last person I wanted to be around right now.  I tried my hardest not to glare at him as I sat down.

“You OK, Buddy?  You look like you’re sweating pretty bad.”  Jerry was the only guy at the firm whom I would consider an actual friend.  I hoped my predicament wasn’t that obvious, but I shrugged it off as best as I could.

I decided to go with the same lie as my wife, so I mumbled, “Yeah, I have to give myself a shot in the ass to prepare for my trip, always makes me queasy.”

I was distracted for the entire meeting.  If these guys knew what was in my ass, I would never be able to face them again.  The thought of that coupled with the physical sensations assaulting me made for a very useless contributor, and I was thankful that no one called me out on my lack of participation.

Another sensation was slowly creeping in on me, making me feel uncomfortable in an entirely different way.  As my ass got used to the impaler, I couldn’t deny that I was starting to feel aroused every time I shifted in my chair.  The offset knob was definitely rubbing on what I assumed was my prostate, because despite the overwhelming feeling of fullness, there was a definite pleasurable sensation.

Between meeting with clients, talking on the phone, and directing my assistant, the day was as full as my anus.  There was no forgetting the oversized plug was there, and every movement, every time I sat down, was a reminder of what was in my ass.  At some point, I was surprised to realize my cock was growing hard, and I had to fight to hide a hard erection for much of the afternoon, especially when thinking about my wife’s new found dominance over me.

I finally pulled in the driveway, thankful that the day was done, though feeling some slight trepidation over what was to come.

She greeted me in high heels and stockings, held up by a garter belt that disappeared into her short silk robe.  Her breasts were firm and perky in her push-up bra, which was visible through the top of the gaping robe.  My erection came back in full force, so hard it was physically aching.

She wasted no time in ordering me to turn around.  “I want to make sure my little ass slut obeyed so I know how much I should punish him,” she purred wantonly in my ear.

She pulled my pants down and felt in between my ass cheeks, purred her approval as she pushed and pulled on the plug, causing an involuntary moan to escape my lips.  I couldn’t deny I was completely turned on.

“You like that, do you?  Good, because there’s plenty more where that came from.”  She laughed somewhat deviously as she bent me onto the couch and ripped the plug out of my ass unceremoniously.  Before I realized what was happening, I felt another object slide into my ass, this one narrower than the plug, but certainly much longer.

It was only when Saira’s hips met my ass cheeks did I realize what was going on.  I struggled to get up, embarrassed of the implications of having a cock in my ass -even a fake one – but she held me tight as she ground into me even harder.

“You’re not going anywhere, you little whore,” she growled as she worked the cock all the way out to the tip, before plunging it back into the hilt.  I gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain while grappling emotional feelings of the same extremes.  “Since you forgot about my birthday, this is your gift to me, so don’t even think you’re getting out of it.”

She continued to rock me from behind, and it took a few moments to gain my composure and get my thoughts on track, which was still difficult thanks to the mixed assault on my senses.  “Where the hell is this coming from?”  I was genuinely surprised that my fairly vanilla wife was engaging in such a devious act.

She slowed down her pace as she spoke.  “Well, ever since I watched that episode of Broad City, I couldn’t get the idea of pegging out of my head.”

“Pegging?” I queried.

“Giving it to a man with a strap-on,” she panted as she impaled me again and again with long hard thrusts.

It seemed foolish to talk during this cherry-popping, but I had so many questions.  “They have a name for it?”

“Yes,” she groand as she slipped into a quick, steady rhythm, “and the thought has rather become an obsession with me, but I never knew how to approach the subject.” She was right about that – I definitely wouldn’t have been open to the idea if she had simply asked. She went on.  “When you missed my birthday, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get my way.  I was sufficiently annoyed that I didn’t really care if you enjoyed it or not, but the butt plug was a good way to not only distract you with discomfort, but to prep you for a good pounding without having to try to cajole your asshole into accepting my cock right off the bat.

“And it looks like my plan worked well – you’re taking it like a seasoned pro.”  With that she sped up her pace, and the harder she gave it to me, the better it felt.  Her breathing was getting heavier and her moans louder, which served to turn me on immensely.  It seemed like the more she moaned, the harder she thrust, and I could tell she was close to orgasming.

I felt dirty, like I shouldn’t be enjoying the pounding my ass was receiving, but I couldn’t help it, I was loving it.  It wasn’t just the physical sensations, but the thought of being dominated by her.  It was a complete role reversal, and it was hot as hell.

She reached around and grabbed my cock, and my head felt like it was going to explode from the sheer sensation of grabbing it while railing me.  It felt extra sensitive, and made me want her to be even rougher.

Without thinking about it, I heard myself beg her to give it to me harder.  I was hardly aware of the noises I was making – noises I wasn’t used to uttering, but I couldn’t help myself.

I felt her slow down, and knew the rhythm of jerking me off was likely throwing her off.  I grabbed my own cock and picked up where she left off, which left her free to grab my hips with both hands and thrust hard.

As she worked me over, I could tell she was about to come.  I jacked off harder, determined to come when she did.

Soon she cried out and shuddered.  I simultaneously blew my load, thick and hot and ample.  The sensation was like nothing I had felt before.  I was literally seeing stars as she collapsed in a panting heap on top of my body, which was shaking from the mind-blowing orgasm I had just experienced.

In due time we gained our composure.  She slid out of me and off of me, and immediately I wanted her back in, filling my ass once more.

“If you never want to do that again, I understand, but thanks for the birthday present.  I must admit, it was better than my fantasies”  She bent down and kissed me before heading to the bathroom.

Little did she know it felt more like my present, and if I have my way, that toy will be making another appearance in the very near future.  If only my partners could see me now.