Kids, monogamy, pregnancy, long term relationships, lack of energy, work, stress, hormonal changes, money woes, weight gain and life in general.  The common denominator of these words is that they can all wreak havoc on your sex drive.  Wanting to want to have sex is not the same as wanting to have sex.  Amazing what a difference a few words can make.

Yes, it is amazing the difference words can make.  Through the ups and downs of my sex drive, dirty and erotic stories have always helped me get back in the mood.  Reading them was fun, but writing them was even better.

So here’s my collection of blushable stories for the discerning reader, including the first two chapters of my full length novel Kept in the Dark, which is available for purchase here.

Got a subject matter that you’d like me to write about?  Drop me a line!  If you’re a writer and would like your well-written and tasteful story guest-featured, let me know!

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