A Wife’s Secret

I was thirsty and uncomfortable, but every time that damned vibrator started up again, I forgot all about both problems and became all-consumed with managing the relentless orgasms that tormented me. How long had I been here, tied, trussed, blindfolded and gagged? Was he watching this whole time? I thought I heard a noise, a slight rustle once or twice, but there was no way to know for sure. 

I knew he was up to something the moment I walked in the door. His devilish grin and his evasive manner were like warning bells, although I couldn’t place the reason.

It was Friday night. I came home from work exhausted.  He had the day off thanks to a monthly Happy Friday and had enough energy for the two of us.

I made you shepherd’s pie, Hun.” I eyed him suspiciously. It was odd of him to cook my favorite meal, particularly when I was trying to watch my carb intake since I’d put on 5 pounds.

Why?” I drew out the syllable to make my suspicion apparent.

Oh, I just want to make sure you have a decent well rounded meal to give you lots of energy.” This was the first time he alluded to what he was up to, and I briefly wondered if I should worry. I shook the thought away as quickly as it came; he was my husband after all, and I knew he wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with, despite his knowing smile. Looking back, I certainly underestimated him.

After encouraging me to eat every last bite, I sunk into the steamy scented bath he ran for me, musing at this delightful turn of events.  Dinner made and a bath drawn were two luxuries I wasn’t used to.  

I dried off and donned the racy lingerie he had set out for me.  It was about the most exciting thing he had done sexually lately, and I wrongly assumed that I’d put on the outfit, we’d do the usual dog and pony show, and I’d be curled up in bed with my book by 9:30, satisfied but not mind-blown.

Stuart was an adept lover, but after eight years together, it was hard to keep the sex fresh and exciting. Although it was enjoyable, it was more of a “go through the motions” feel lately.

I got out of the bath and slinked into the set: black silk with lacy teal accents, a color I always found looked great on me.

I opened the bathroom door and was greeted by my husband’s voice in my ear and his hand on my wrists. “Hands behind your back.” He grabbed them and led me to the middle of the living room.

I was surprised but I obeyed, and soon felt soft cuffs thickly surrounding each wrist –  first one and then the other. He then fastened them to a hook in the ceiling above my head, one that wasn’t there before.   I pulled to test it and found there was very little give.

“Don’t worry,” he intoned, “you’re not going anywhere. Now, step wide,” he instructed as I heard rustling behind me.  At the sound I turned to see what he was up to.

That won’t do,” he muttered, seemingly to himself but definitely for my benefit, because at that point he enveloped more than half of my face in a wide satin blindfold, cinching it securely behind my head and leaving me in a persistently dark world.

Hey!” I was trying to sound indignant, though I couldn’t deny I was turned on. The hot rush of blood to my nether regions caused longing and wetness, and he would soon know my vexation was erroneous.  “What exactly are you up to here?”

Well, there’s a bit of a story behind it, believe it or not. Remember when you started using Google Chrome as your search browser?” He didn’t wait for my arbitrary response. “I’m not sure if you know, but when you signed in on my computer one day, you never bothered to sign out. I noticed you were frequenting some literature websites that would make your grandmother blush. And your mother for that matter. Hell, they made me blush.

So I left you logged in and watched things unfold. Not only were you reading naughty stories, you were looking at sex toy sites. And you weren’t just going for the cute pink handcuffs or the fancy little vibrators – you were looking into the hardcore items. Butt plugs large enough to make an elephant squeal, whips to envy Indiana Jones, bondage gear that I didn’t even know existed, much less had a market to sell to. Yes, let’s just say that I was surprised that prude, straight laced Laura had a dark side to her, so I thought I’d give you what you so clearly want.”

Shit. I was caught red handed, but it wasn’t like that and I had to make him see that before things got any more out of hand. “It’s not what you think,” I protested as he cuffed an ankle to the wide spreader bar he had laid out on the floor, “I like reading about it, but I don’t want to actually do them. They’re two different things entirely!”

Well I’m willing to bet that if you get off thinking about them, it’s because there’s some deviance inside of you pleading to come out. So that’s what I’m going to do for you tonight. Have you beg and plead me.”

I swallowed hard. I had to make him understand that the thought of actually being tied up scared the hell out of me. I squirmed away as best as I could as he attempted to tie the other ankle to the bar that would keep me wide and open and completely vulnerable if he got his way.

Please, Stu, I really, really don’t want this. Please untie me!” I would have tried to give him my doe eyes that usually worked on him, but my big browns were covered and I couldn’t see a damn thing.. He held my leg with his strong arms and my squirming was in vain as he managed to tighten the cuff around my ankle.

Common,” I begged, I’ll do whatever you want me to, please, just untie me!” I was feeling desperate as I tried to shake my arms loose.

I’d be careful if I were you, you don’t want to go toppling. Besides,” he laughed cynically, “you are doing whatever I want you to, being tied up and helpless here just like this!”

Stu, I mean it!” I was panicky and tried to sound angry and in charge, but we both knew that was a far cry from the truth. “You’re being ridiculous right now and I don’t want any part of it!” Ouch! The sudden sting on my backside shocked me into a stunned silence, but once I recovered it just fueled my rage.

What the hell! Did you just whip me?” I roared with indignation.

Yup” came his casual reply. And I’m going to do it again. I’m just trying to decide whether or not I should gag that loud – though no doubt pretty – little mouth of yours. The choice is yours, really.”

I paused to let this register. “What exactly do you mean?”

Well, if you want to keep yelling at me and pretending like you’re the boss, I think it’s in both of our best interest that I quiet you with a nice red ball gag. Or maybe a long, thick penis gag that you’ll have to concentrate not to choke on. That should keep you occupied. What do you think?”

I wasn’t going to call his bluff even before he placed what was unmistakably a penis shaped gag in my trussed hands. I didn’t know who the hell this new Stuart was, but he had run off my reliable, somewhat boring husband, nowhere to be found.

The trouble was, I was getting increasingly wet despite myself. My shoulders were starting to ache slightly, and I felt like if I tried to shift my legs I’d go toppling. My situation, coupled with the exhilarating yet terrifying thought of being gagged with an over-sized penis was enough to cause my pussy to throb, aching with want and desire. I could feel my wetness running down my leg and wondered when he would notice that my body betrayed my words.

So? Answer me, my pretty” he demanded as he trailed the whip – soft on my skin when dormant – along my stomach.

I’ll be good. I won’t yell anymore.”

Won’t yell what?” he asked sharply.

Won’t yell…mean things?” I ventured a guess.

He lashed me from behind; the whip wrapped around and caught both my belly and my crotch, causing me to yelp and jump from the unexpected assault.

“That’s not what I’m looking for. I believe in those wild stories of yours, you’re supposed to end each sentence with ‘Master?’ Tsk, tsk. For how often you’re on those sites, I would have thought that would have come naturally to you,” he mocked as he continued to lightly caress my skin with the whip, causing goosebumps to follow in his wake.

The feeling of helplessness, paired with the fading sting of the whip and the light touches on my body were giving me sensory overload. All these feelings were heightened by the loss of my sight, and my pussy throbbed as it demanded to be touched. The stories I read had often given me a lady boner, but nothing to this extent, a thought that was somewhat exciting but mostly terrifying.  

I knew the merest of contact would alleviate my need, would satiate my ache, and the desire was so carnal that I sealed my fate by opening my mouth.

Please, just fuck me. I need your cock in me right now.”

He paused, seemingly thrown off guard, as he was enjoying his newfound role.  He didn’t know what to make of my change in direction, but he soon recovered.

You are a naughty, disobedient slave indeed, and I think I’m going to enjoy whipping you into shape.” The deviance in his voice was new and different and somewhat scary – albeit exhilarating.  I wondered if he got carried away reading some of the naughtier stories. “Open your mouth, slave.” I knew what was coming but knew better than to argue. Instead I just kept my lips closed.

You’re not getting of that easily.” A strong and painful crack to the flesh on my ass brought tears to the corners of my eyes, and before I could recover, he had plugged my nose until I ran out of air and was forced to breathe through my mouth, at which point he shoved what felt like a hard rubber ball between my teeth.

As I was trying to get a grasp on the situation, he buckled it behind my head, one notch tighter than was comfortable. It didn’t take me long before I was drooling around the gag.

Ah, leaking from your mouth and from your pussy too,” he observed as he ran a finger over the inside of my moist thigh. “You’re loving this, slut, and you can’t deny it in the face of such obvious evidence.”

It was a strange thing indeed. I couldn’t see, speak or move. Part of me really was terrified, particularly since this wasn’t the same guy I married, the guy I could trust with my life. In his place was a deviant monster with a dirty agenda, and I was the unwilling participant. But I was so turned on. I could tell I was dripping juices by the feeling not only in my throbbing crotch, but the warm wetness trickling down my leg.  I had no choice but to trust that, underneath the madness, the man who protected me was still there.

Without warning he probed two fingers into me and circled around inside while simultaneously rubbing my clit with his thumb. Eight years of marriage meant he knew exactly the spot to hit, and I moaned involuntarily into the gag, drool escaping out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

I see you like that too. What I wonder, though, is if you’d like one of those nice, fat ass plugs filling your tight little anus?” I squirmed and squirmed and tried to mumble around my gag. I was not ready for that! We experimented with a finger a few times but I was nowhere near ready for even a little plug, let along a great big one. I had checked them out out of morbid curiosity, wondering how anyone could actually enjoy something like that. Had he actually bought one or was he just toying with me?

“Alright then, you’ve made your point.  I’ll save some of the exciting things I have in store for you for later. After all, I’m keeping you trussed as my slave for the whole entire weekend so we’ll have lots of time,” he promised as I heard a vibrator click on. “You’ll be catering to my every whim and I’ll be seeing just how far I can push you without breaking you. Oh, and don’t forget that Monday is a holiday,” he laughed in a devilish tone as I heard the insistent buzz of the vibrator draw nearer.